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Brilliant Students Who Have Honor Are Using this Before Starting School, Early Reading Stimulation

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

The earlier reading stimulation begins, the more successful your children will be in school.

Early Stimulation

It is to help children have early experiences in their lives, which help their physical, mental and emotional development.

Some children are more stimulated in specific areas in their childhood and therefore, when they grow up they usually develop these areas better. For example; If you have a girl and she only gives you dolls as a toy, she is stimulating the verbal area more and when she grows up she may be a person with communication skills.

On the other hand, an adopted child who grows up in a family of musicians may not have music genes, but the environment in which he develops stimulates the musical area and is very likely to be a prominent musician if he is interested in music.

Consequences of the lack of stimulation in children

Mental retardation

Slow development

Psychomotor problems


Self-esteem issues

Social phobia

In adolescence and adulthood vulnerability to addictions

Bullying victims


How to stimulate children?

Let them have new experiences. New experiences create brain connections that will help them learn and reinforce other existing connections. Visiting new places and interacting with people from other cultures, playing with water or soil, objects of different textures and forms, helping them with their challenges even if they learn to walk on a stair, let them try to do things for themselves while you supervise, singing to them or with them, playing with them, among other things.

To speak correctly. Talking with children, in fact, contributes to the development of language, reasoning, and self-esteem. When parents talk to their children with baby language, these children can develop limitations or speech problems. In the same way, talking with your children and asking questions can lead you to reason based on the topic you are talking about. It is a good strategy to discover what your children feel and think. Besides, chatting with their children makes them feel important, which increases their self-esteem.

Do not limit their creativity. Parents often limit the creativity of children wanting to use logic and reason. Well, children also use them, but different from adults. Ask him what he does, how he is doing it and keep up with the flow.

Read with your children. Reading stimulates the imagination, opens the doors to school success and adults who think. Children who read tend to be better students and critical adults.

Reading Stimulation

As a psychologist, family and friends always consult me. A friend called me one day and tells me about the dyslexia problem that his five-year-old daughter has and the therapist who was treating her had emigrated.

I asked the friend if his daughter had storybooks and he said yes, that she had about 5 books. The girl supposedly read, but in her way and changed the story.

My recommendation was as follows; Buy new books and put away the old ones. She has memorized the stories, and she does not read them, she says what she believes according to what she remembers. Try to read with your daughter every day for at least 30 minutes. When they are reading, pass the finger marking the words, she can go repeating behind you or try to read the story after you.

My friend is a doctor and has two jobs, sometimes he is very tired, but since he has only one daughter, he and his wife made all his efforts to help her despite they were tired and sleepy. At the end of the school year, he sent me a picture of his daughter with a meritorious student certificate.

On the other hand, I have a friend who her nephew less than two years old used a program to learn to read. In that case, the parents did not have to get fully involved with the child and could invest that time in other things. My friend sent me a video of the boy reading what she wrote. She told me that the two older siblings had used it and were in advanced classes because this helped them to be more ahead than the other children. It is as if they were becoming little geniuses. I already have known about a few children whose parents bought this program, and the results are great.

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