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My Suffering, a History of Prostate Problems in her Husband, Sexual Performance and Enlargement

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

By: Stacy W.

We all know that the greatest misfortune for a man is to be with a woman and that he cannot satisfy her even if he wants to. Worst of all, this usually happens more than we think.

My husband and I are middle-aged couples and we have two teenage children. he always had normal sexual performance, until one day he began to fail. At that moment I emotionally crumbled and thought that I was no longer being attractive, possibly because I had a few extra pounds.

I bought a weight loss program, which was very effective. After having a better figure, I realized that my husband, instead of improving, was worse. I felt very angry and didn't know what to do. Meanwhile, my husband felt humiliated because I did not understand what was happening to him and according to him, he was not cheating.

Our intimacy was weakening and at the same time, the relationship was deteriorating. After all, it was solved, he confessed to me that he felt somewhat depressed and was afraid of being intimate because every time he tried to be intimate and could not, the guilt of not being able to satisfy me made him feel worse.

In a moment of anger, I told my husband that I was already tired of the same situation and wanted to divorce. What happened at that time changed the course of our relationship forever.

My husband was crying like a little boy so he wouldn't leave him. At that moment I felt confused because anger changed to mercy in fractions of seconds. Well, I've never seen him cry like that.

After a few minutes we started talking, I think we had never had a conversation with greater sincerity than that. he swore to me that he had never been with another woman and didn't know what was happening to him. We wanted to rule out any physical condition that was affecting him and made an appointment with his primary doctor. After visiting the doctor and having done the corresponding tests, my husband had his large prostate, according to the doctor, the size of a lemon. This was blocking the blood flow and did not allow him to have an erection.

At that time, the doctor who was treating my husband for the enlargement of his prostate suggested a new product that was not for sale at the pharmacy. That implied that medical insurance did not cover the medication, but the doctor insisted that it worked. He told him that he had had a few hundred patients with the same problem and had recovered with that product. Besides, I would be happy too.

Although the doctor gave the name of the medication to my husband and that it was on the internet, we did not feel safe to buy it, since it is not a conventional pharmacy drug. In the end, we decided to take the doctor's recommendations, because he is the one who knows what is best for each case.

Since I had already made a habit of not being intimate with my husband, I cannot tell you at what moment exactly everything changed, but about two weeks using it, your sexual performance was even better than before. That medication not only helps reduce the large prostate, but it increases blood flow and his genitals were larger.

I share this story because I know that like me there are thousands of couples suffering and possibly this is a solution for them. What I just told you happened a year ago and from that moment on, my husband has not presented any of the problems I was telling them at the beginning.

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