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The Road to Yourself

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

By: Crisleidy Alonzo

We all have a way to go, goals to meet, and fears to face. It is impossible to start that path unless you have the ability to know yourself; Know who you are, and where you are going. It is enough to know yourself and how much it is worth, to begin to travel that path, that goal, that dream that you want so much.

Within you are the answers and the solutions, you must penetrate inside, explore who you really are and discover so many things you did not know about yourself. Sometimes, we are the person we live with the most and the least known.

Within your being, you should always have that ´´I CAN´´. Your strengths come out in your defense to get you out of the hole. Your weaknesses will help you travel the path and become even greater opportunities.

In reality, the path of success lives in you; If you know yourself and have confidence in yourself, you will travel and reach beyond where you want to be. To travel that path, you must let yourself be shaped by the situations that arise and take full control of your life.

Do not expect conditions to move towards your goal: know yourself, trust and move forward. The road is long but the reward is even greater.

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